Tied so tight, there is no escape, cock swollen from ropes and asshole hurting from heavy ramming. Yeah, this guy goes through a lot and we like it!

This guy tried to pick-pocket wallet from two buffed friends and they caught him on the act. Now he’s tied, legs spread and asshole ready to be shaved and filled with cocks!

Making fun of your teachers is never a smart idea. Especially when you teacher is horny old pervert with a house of his own and well equipped cellar.

Fucking up with other people can turn bad before you know it. These two guys found that the hard way, when two angry dudes tied head of one guy to his friends ass – and that’s just a beginning!

Sometimes simply paying your debts is better then the punishment. This guy found the hard way, how perverted some debt collectors are!

Breeder Fuckers Review

Breeder Fuckers Review
Breeder Fuckers

Did someone piss you off and you want to get back at him? Why not tie his ass and make him feel the pain he deserves! And if it makes you feel good, it's all the better, right? Check out these hard punishments and you might learn something new!

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